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10 Trending Products to Sell in 2021
finding popular products to sell can be a challenge. That's this article helps you uncover new trending product ideas. You will find the ten most trending products that were doing well in 2020 and show no sign of slowing down.
To succeed in ecommerce, you need three things: in-demand products to sell, the skillset to market them successfully, and the desire to succeed.

But finding popular products to sell can be a challenge. That's this article helps you uncover new trending product ideas. You will find the ten most trending products that were doing well in 2020 and show no sign of slowing down.

Browse our list of trending products in 2020 you can use to start your online business.

1. Peel-off face mask

Looking for a trending product to sell in the beauty industry? Peel-off face masks are seeing an increase in interest across Google Trends, Oberlo, and Amazon.

According to search data from Keywords Everywhere, the term "peel off face mask" receives 30,000 searches per month, with the phrase "face peel" receiving another 27,100 searches per month, variant "charcoal face mask" receiving 41,000 searches per month, and "facial mask" 81,000 per month.

On YouTube, the top 20 videos for "peel off face mask" are seeing an average of 5.3M views, with topics ranging from how to use a peel-off face mask for the first time to how to create your own at home.

When selling trending items in health and beauty, focus on visual platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You could partner up with influencers in the space and run Instagram ads to make sales quickly. A more sustainable option is to create your own Instagram profile and publish content around your face peels and masks.

Why are product trends like this great for selling items online? You can easily expand your product line to include other popular products in the beauty sector to maximize your potential sales.

2. Nail polish

Thanks to a new trend in designer nails, the global nail polish market expects to reach $15.6 billion by 2024.

According to Google Trends, the term "nail polish" began trending up again in March 2020, seeing an average 246,000 searches per month.

The younger generation is starting to experiment with new nail trends, driving demand for nail products including, enamel, varnish, and lacquer. These are expected to be the fastest growing color cosmetics segment because of its innovative textures and effects.

If you want to make your nail polish successful, market this trending beauty product on Instagram and Pinterest. Similar to peel-off face masks, above, you can find influencers to work with and run different social ads to different customer groups to increase sales.

3. Exercise bands

Exercise resistance are one of the best selling products online during the lockdown. After worldwide shutdowns of gyms due to the coronavirus, at-home exercise equipment became a hot trend.

Resistance bands are searched for 673,000/mo. while exercise bands are shown 25,000/mo.

By focusing on niche products like exercise resistance bands, you can create blog, video, and social media content around at-home workouts.

Since at-home exercise may keep trending for a long time, you can also build a brand around fitness and optimize your product pages to rank in Google and bring in organic traffic.

4. Blankets

This is a product with high-profit margin. As customers are keeping their homes cozy and warm during colder seasons, the blanket market is valued at $6.6 billion in 2018, to reach an estimated $9.9 billion by 2027, growing by a CAGR of 4.6%.

Google Trends confirms this research by showing a noticeable uptrend over the past few years, with sharp peaks during the winter. Research shows that people are leaning more toward eco-friendly blankets that are also modern, decorative, stylish, and comfortable.

For social media, you can create video content to show off the benefits of your blankets. And show other creative uses for them besides just keeping you warm in bed. You can also run seasonal giveaways to promote new blankets and bestsellers.

5. Yoga and pilates mats

Due to the growing popularity in yoga and global shutdown of gyms, the yoga mat industry is estimated to grow to $17.3 billion by 2025.

There are 191,000 monthly searches for yoga mats, proving the industry's popularity. Newer search interest is popping up for eco-friendly and non-toxic yoga mats, which are expected to grow faster over the coming years than traditional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mats that harm the environment.

When marketing top-selling items like yoga mats, pay attention to what your target audience is looking at on social media. For yoga-goers, the trend leans into bright and natural lit spaces with a more organic feel. Consider exploring Facebook ads to send traffic to your website and drive sales during peak buying seasons.

6. Laptop skins

As people work from home and bring their office gadgets home, they naturally want to protect them. No wonder that search volume for the term "laptop skins" gets around 33,100 searches per month, according to Keywords Everywhere. People are also narrowing their search by computer type, with phrases like "laptop skins for dell" and "laptop skins for hp" getting 2,900 and 6,600 searches per month. These top trending products give you a ton of opportunities to target different customer segments based on their laptop brand and drive sales.

7. Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have been a popular at-home activity as they help relieve stress and create something beautiful. With 823,000 average monthly searches for the term "jigsaw puzzle," it's clear puzzles are here to stay, especially as people spend more time at home. Plus, parents prefer give their kids toys that are fun and increase knowledge and innovation.

8. Kitchen and dining room furniture

As people are spending more time at home and look to improve their living spaces,There's been a growing trend in searches for "kitchen furniture" and "dining room furniture". According to research, the term "kitchen furniture" generates 49,500 searches per month, with related keywords like "table sets" and "kitchen chairs" reaching 110,000 and 60,500 searches per month, respectively.

While "dining room furniture" only generates 40,500 searches per month, you can get creative with keywords in your SEO strategy.

9. Rugs

Linked to the previous product category, rugs are popular due to recent work-from-home trend. Area rugs make spaces more cozy and welcoming while relieving stress from being in a locked-up space.

The search term "rugs" is generating 673,000 searches per month, with related terms "area rugs" bringing in 246,000 searches per month and "rugs for sale" generating 90,500 searches per month. You can find many rug types and styles available to sell, which gives you a lot of new product opportunities as you expand your line.

10. Board games

Similar to puzzles, board games are an easy way to bring the family together, relieve stress, and spend more quality time without gadgets. The term "board games" gets 673,000 monthly searches, while "board games for kids" and "board games for adults" get 60,500 per month and 33,100 per month. Expect this trend to pick up in holiday time even more!

These are some of the trending products in 2020, but there are so many more to choose from when deciding what to sell on Amazon. Finding product trends is only one part of the equation. The real secret is figuring out how to market them.
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