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Trendspotting on Amazon: Tools to Uncover Emerging Product Ideas
Amazon has two pages that can be especially useful for trendspotting if used correctly. Let's discover how to use these pages to your advantage during product research.

One of the best ways to reach customers on the Amazon marketplace is to sell something that is in demand. But it can be challenging to decide what to sell on Amazon. This is a common situation for newer sellers.

And on top of that, keeping up with current trends can take even more time.

Let's take a look a two pages that will reveal the current trends and learn the ways you can use them as an Amazon seller.

Identify Fast-Growing Popular Products

The Movers & Shakers Amazon page is updated hourly and provides a lot of valuable information about product trends and consumer behavior on Amazon.

Amazon says that the items listed on this page are the "biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours".

You can see the products that have seen the biggest growth in the number of sales in the past 24 hours, sorted by category.

It's worth noting that the information on this page is more about real-time trends than the Amazon Best Sellers rankings (BSR) which are based on the number of products sold recently as well as historical sales data.

To qualify as an Amazon Best Seller, a product must sell at the highest level in its category on the site. You can see a list of best-selling products on Amazon organized by category.

Both pages can be useful for planning your selling strategy, monitoring trends, and alerting you to new products you might want to consider sourcing. Reviewing them regularly can help you highlight trends and better understand your niche.

See Big Picture Trends

The Movers & Shakers page offers insight into customer shopping patterns. It's about the type of products that are trending, which can identify bigger trends on the horizon.

For example, during the lockdown period in the United States, hair dye for at-home coloring became very popular.

By regularly checking the Movers & Shakers page, you might have seen the larger trend of a rise in hair care at home and consider sourcing products to fulfill those needs for consumers.

The issue here is speed.

After all, other sellers may start selling the product first, or the trend might become irrelevant by the time you can get the item in stock. But if you start seeing a regular trend in a category, it's likely a good sign.

Get Product Development Intelligence

If you are in the business of developing your own private label products, it's important to understand your competition as well as the overall landscape of your niche.

Avoid creating another product that is just like the others in your category by keeping an eye on the Movers & Shakers page. As you spot trends over time, it will become easier to evaluate what's worth capitalizing on and what to pass on.

You can use the Movers & Shakers page to keep a finger on the pulse of the market. Knowing what types of products are trending over time and what's selling well can help you make improvements to your current products or create new products to meet consumer demand.

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Make Your Product a Trending Best Seller

So, you want to see your product on the Movers & Shakers page one day soon? There are a few actions you can take to increase visibility for your product.

First things first, make sure your listing is descriptive, optimized with the correct keywords, and appealing to buyers with clear images. List your item in any relevant subcategories in addition to broader categories.

Your product image, together with your title, are the two most important parts of your product page. They are both seen in search results and can convince a customer to click through. If you want your product to become a Mover & Shaker, you need a great title and images.

Amazon reviews boost your organic search rankings, provide social proof for shoppers, and give you insight into what's working and what could be improved about your product.

You can send a review request through Buyer-Seller Messaging, a third-party tool, or the Amazon Request a Review button.

Check out the Amazon Movers & Shakers page as well as the Best Seller rankings now. Then plan to review both pages regularly to spot trends in your niche. This is a deceptively simple practice that could reward you with serious results.
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